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Gamers are as straightforward about their comments on games, as game developers are about what they produce. Whether you like it or not, the number of downloads from the AppStore and Google Play are mostly determined by user ratings. They may appreciate games that are well-functioning, smooth, and highly participatory, but their criticism of buggy games is broadcast to millions of potential consumers. By providing industry-specific experience and a user viewpoint to the bug hunting process, game testers help develop gaming apps closer to what users want.

Game developers and designers may be under pressure to deliver a high-quality final…

How to Keep the QA team Motivated?

How does a test manager keep his test team extremely driven throughout this process” is the million-dollar question here.

Many people like to work on projects that are both exciting and demanding. Experienced testers will always find that the newly created features are both fascinating and difficult to work with, but once all of the tests have been performed and the only thing left is to retest bug reports, performance levels will begin to dry up. Although it might not seem to be a particularly difficult or interesting aspect of the tester’s job, retesting bug reports is an extremely necessary…

Security has become an essential component of our lives for a variety of obvious and undisclosed reasons. We can protect ourselves by using security testing fundamentals. Our resources, as well as all the things that are required for survival, must be safeguarded.

We participate in the development of applications that we use on a regular basis. Every digital component receives data from us. Any data we supply is the most useful information anybody can have in today’s technologically developing environment. Because information or data is so important, those who wish to use it are in high demand.

Software users are…

Performance Testing for E-Commerce Applications

Every day, a new eCommerce startup pops up selling something unique, and we all have many shopping apps on our phones. As a result of the increased competition, performance testing of e-commerce applications has become a critical stage for all eCommerce businesses to produce the best form possible for their target customers.

In this blog, we’ll figure out what it’s all about and the strategies to do it right.

1. What is the purpose of performance testing

Time is money, and the same appears to be true for e-commerce applications. According to statistics, 40% of people will abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to…

How to Evaluate an Offshore Software Testing Company

Software testing is a part of almost every software development effort. The task of software testing is often outsourced. Outsourcing simply means transferring work to another company on a contract basis. In the IT sector, the tendency of outsourcing testing services is highly widespread.

Testing is critical in business technology and software development to ensure that only the best software and systems reach your end-users and customers. Quality software testing necessitates consideration of a variety of factors, including the cost of testing, the effectiveness of testing phases, the availability of qualified personnel, and so on. …

A Quick Guide to the Agile Testing Process

Agile is a revolutionary software development and testing methodology that has dominated the industry in recent years. In reality, agile is used in some form by 9 out of 10 businesses. However, respondents note that implementation is not always broad throughout their businesses, implying that adoption and maturity have a long way to go. Agile testing has had a tremendous impact on software development, testing, quality assurance, and has become a crucial aspect of application lifecycles. It’s also been widely recognized as a critical factor in the delivery of high-quality goods.

In this post, we’ll go through the Agile testing…

QA Software Tester CV Example: How to Build a Job Seeking Resume

“Do you have a sample Software Testing resume that I can use?” is a frequently asked question, especially by newbies to IT.

True, we all learn by observing. To commence, we have to develop a reference point, so it’s not a bad idea to look over someone else’s resume. However, focusing entirely on it and attempting to customize it to candidate requirements might not be the best way to generate results.

1. What Exactly is a Resume for a Software Tester?

A resume for a software tester is a professional document that is usually one or two pages in length. It outlines all of the abilities and expertise that software…

It surprises us how so many people seem to confuse the significance of vulnerability assessment with penetration testing. Vulnerability assessment cannot substitute penetration testing, and penetration testing cannot protect the entire system on its own. Both are critical at their corresponding locations, needed in internet risk assessment, and made mandatory by standards such as PCI, HIPPA, ISO 27001, and others.

Vulnerability assessment tests for security issues and generates a report on risk exposure, while penetration testing exposes a vulnerability in your device architecture. The success of penetration testing or vulnerability scanning is largely determined by three factors.

  • Objective
  • Asset Risk…

Software Testing On Real Devices vs. Emulators and Simulators

Web and app testing has always been crucial parts of the development process. Testing entails detecting and resolving defects, such as navigational issues, signup form problems, payment processing issues, or even a simple font-size difference. On the other hand, testing can ensure that any changes do not break the user experience across several devices. The devices on which the test is performed are an important aspect of having a strong testing procedure. When done on different devices, a complete testing technique might produce a wide range of outcomes. As a result, the importance of the testing device is critical. And…

Software Testers Seeking Job in Europe, US, and Canada

The Europe, USA, and Canada are some of the top places in the world to work as a professional software tester. The country has experienced rapid growth in recent years and is aiming to expand in a variety of industries. Software testing is one of these areas. Over time, the need for highly skilled people has grown to the point where these countries have had to hire outside expertise to meet their internal needs. This has created significant opportunities for experienced professionals. …


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